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Here is poetry of bringing great change that will protect the Earth Mother from further poisoning and allow her a chance to recover her beautiful balance and strengths.  We welcome offerings of original poetry to this site.  Please send your poetry to canceractionny@yahoo.com.




All of the fires of the economy

Hazardous waste incinerators, cement kilns fueled with industry's toxic chemical wastes, medical waste incinerators, the ghastly technological monsters that burn municipal solid waste, sewage sludge incinerators, metal smelters, coal-fired power facilities, furnaces that heat industrial manufacturing processes, furnaces heating the buildings, cars, trucks, tractors, earth moving machinery, airplanes, chain saws, chipboard factories…

All of the countless fires of the materialistic society

The polluting millions burning

You can say that it doesn't matter

But you are wrong

You can live that way because you don't care

But you are wrong

In cancer's mathematics, every molecule of carcinogen that gets into a human body contributes to elevating the risk of tumors forming

All of the fires of the economy matter

Particles of soot and ash, the fine remains of fuel and waste

Raining down inevitably, endlessly upon the Earth

Exploited herds of cattle eat the contaminated forage crops and pasture

The PCBs of the fires of the economy

The dioxins and furans of the sooty fires of the global economy

Hexachlorobenzene, and benzo(a)pyrene of the fires

Accumulate in the cows' bodies, in their muscle fat

In their mammary tissue

Toxic beef, toxic milk

Cancer causing chemicals in the food that the materialistic people eat

Cancer has a fierce and terrible symmetry

Cancer is a not to be escaped outcome of the fires

Cancer is a great pain that demands change

Cancer is a horrible, pure pain that cries out for environmental revolution

I believe that a great struggle lies ahead

There will be days and days, years and years of reckoning

The consequences of the poisons of the fires of the economy cannot be escaped

 I can feel the phenomenal surge of total environmental revolution coming in the wild wind


Thank you Nature for air

Vast sweet abundance, filling the sky

When I run, feet drumming beloved land

Taking in great breaths

Thank you Nature for this air

Vast sweet abundance

So much we need is free

Raises up freedom feelings

Running, feet drumming beloved land

Taking in great breaths

Thank you Nature for beautiful air

Freedom breathing

Air giving us all we need

Freedom breathing

Vast sweet abundance

Thank you Nature

Surrounding us with so much of what we need

Raising up heart reaching out wide freedom feelings

Breathing freedom feelings

Loving the air

Getting inspired

Yeah, loving and breathing the air, inspiring us in loving Nature revolution


Happy freedom to follow your heart to freedom day

Happy Freedom

to follow your Heart

to Freedom Day


we can all be a part of the fuse

yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, hey



follow your heart to

freedom da-ay


we are the fuse

that will stop the abuse

starting today


Happy, happy

follow your beautiful heart to freedom da-ay

what a release, what a relief, what a resolution revolution

all because of good Martin Luther King, Jr., my man


Happy follow your heart to freedom

Happy follow your heart to freedom

Happy follow your heart to freedom day, Martin


I am drawn to the dance by the land

I am drawn to the dance by the land

Morning, energy, excitement, regrowing Thornbush, cedarwoods, blue jays calling

I am drawn

Run toward the East

Molten pink sun just rising out of horizon trees

I am drawn to the dance by the land

Ah, loving Hodenosaune so deeply

Only response is to dance

Whirling, leaping, swaying, running feelings

Surface in the dance

Revealing my inner self hand movements

Revealing primal feelings head motions

In the dance

I am drawn to the dance by the land

Dancing in Nature is the most I can give

Dancing among trees, dancing in wildflowers, dancing around brush in the regrowing Thornbush,           

Dancing along streams, dancing where I can go into woods from openings

Dance, my way of responding

I am drawn to the dance by the land

I am drawn to the dance by the land

I am drawn to the dance by the land


There is so much love in this

Healing, coming in touch with primal ways of being

Giving myself to the deepest consciousness

Dance becoming land trance

Letting go of Toxic Age superficialities

Letting go, going further

Letting go, letting go, letting go

Dancing closer to the land trance

There is much more beauty and love in life than the abusers have led us to believe

I am gradually rising free, drawn to the dance by the land


We are the undefeated, we are the undefeated, we are the undefeated

we are the relentlessly undefeatable

revolutionaries of Nature’s recovery

dancing for power to help Nature recover by revolution this morning after Revolution Day 2000

finding the feelings of being able to fight and win against the greed driven and the empty, uncaring 


reaching back to French revolutionary peasants for the strength of their masses

reaching for courage against what first appears to be an overwhelmingly powerful enemy, as the

native Americans experienced and experience still

African Americans fighting for their basic human rights all these centuries showing me

I have a sense of where this is going

my war chanting feels indomitable

every so often breaks totally wild and free

huge industries can not prevent this uprising

millions of mindless consumers can not stop this revolution from connecting with all the others that

came before, ghost dancing




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